Chip Timing Services

Chip Timing: AMB timing systems (currently used in the Olympic Games & Tour de France) is one of the most advanced chip timing systems in the world today. It has been designed to provide accurate results to 1/100th of a second without the need for redundant back‐up systems.

Live Announcer/Officials Screen: With use of our computerized announcer’s feed software, We provide your announcer with live monitoring of each participant as they cross a detection point. Name, City, State, Division and Representing will be displayed for announcing purposes. We can also provide an energetic race day announcer if needed.

Timing Splits: Multiple timing splits/detection points are available via use of our chip timing system. We can offer as many splits as you desire.

Race­Day registration: We have the ability to register participants and conduct chip assignment on race‐day.

Dynamic Chip Distribution: This is automatic chip assignment. It’s as easy of the 2 second scanning of a “chip”, and can be done race‐day.

Immediate Results: Final Results (separated by your specific event categories) can be printed as soon as the last runner crosses the finish line.

Preliminary Results: Preliminary results can be printed as needed during the event.

Live Results: Live Splits are posted on‐site and within minutes of the first finisher. Live Splits are also announced as each finisher crosses the finish line.

Results format to fit your needs: A Results File will be sent to Race Director in excel format (used for USAT; USATF; etc.).

Official Scoring: Our timing software is capable of automatically scoring your event for Cross‐country/ cycling/ Team events.

Neoprene Ankle Straps: Comfortable neoprene/Velcro Ankle Straps make the <1oz. timing chip even more comfortable.

Front Fork Mounts: For cycling events, we supply Front Fork Mounts specifically designed to attach the timing “chip” to your bike.

External Screen: We can send the Live Announcer’s Feed and/or the Live Finish Results to projectors and large screen video formats for live viewing of spectators.

Posted results: Results Posted on Race Day at At some events, results may be posted immediately at the conclusion of the event.